Gift Cards

A gift that gives and gives. One card gives you a world of choice.
Perfect for any occasion.

Easy to Give

Electronic gift card can be sent with a couple of clicks. Instant FREE delivery of E-Gift Card.

From £10

Choose your amount from £10 and it will be applied to your gift card. Very flexible.

Nice & Personalised

There is also a possibility to write a
personalised message: nice, funny,
just as you wish.


E-Gift Card​

When in doubt what to buy as a gift, this is the best option. Your gift card is valid for 12 months post-purchase and you can add a personalised message. Gift cards can be used in the shop online or for any treatments.

Already have a gift card? Check balance

Unfortunately you won't be able to exchange your gift card to money. Please get in touch with me to discuss my treatments and services for how to best use your gift card.

Once your gift card is purchased you have 12 months to use it. 

Yes, all of my services and the shop are available using a gift card